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Type: Article
Title: Modern learning, teaching, and assessment methods of education, based on Team academy method at Vilnius Business College PDF Article
Author: Loreta Pivoriunaite
On-line: 30-December-2022
Metrics: Applied Business: Issues & Solutions 2(2022)33-36 – ISSN 2783-6967.
DOI: 10.57005/ab.2022.2.5
Abstract. The need to integrate theory and practice, to connect them into the real entrepreneurial world is the most important aim of education. To equip students with the skills so that they would be able to solve problems and provide solutions. Within the framework of the 21st century learning paradigm, the mission of Vilnius Business College (VBC) is to offer students new approaches to learning experiences by employing active methods of student involvement into their learning processes. It is possible to achieve all this only through a student’s active engagement into business reality, applying simulations, employing shared effort and active teamwork while searching for links among different phenomena of applied business. The main idea is how to facilitate the acquisition of hands-on expe- rience in business organization and project management in the studies. Team academy methodology as educational innovation helps to implement entrepreneurial skills align personal and develop team experience in reflection to with market needs.
JEL: A20; A29; M0.
Keywords: team academy; coaching; team; entrepreneurship; action-based learning.
Citation: Loreta Pivoriunaite (2022) Modern learning, teaching, and assessment methods of education, based on Team academy method at Vilnius Business College. – Applied Business: Issues & Solutions 2(2022)33-36 – ISSN 2783-6967.

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