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Type: Article
Title: Implementation of Smart City Technologies in Odessa PDF Article
Author: Larysa Ivashko, Mariia Filatova, Nataliia Shkurateniuk, Kateryna Petrenko, Emiliia Tashchy, Anastasiia Bogachova
On-line: 30-December-2022
Metrics: Applied Business: Issues & Solutions 2(2022)18-24 – ISSN 2783-6967.
DOI: 10.57005/ab.2022.2.3
Abstract. The article deals with the practical application of the Smart City concept in the city of Odessa. It has been established that the main directions of development of the Smart City in Odessa are "smart" road infrastructure and mobile applications for convenient use of city transport, use of the latest housing management systems, electronic governance and online platforms for socially ac- tive citizens, "smart" lighting technologies Jooby Smart City Lighting, application of the Internet of Things (IoT) within the framework of the Odessa Smart City program. The article also describes the application of a system of efficient collection and sorting of garbage in the form of autonomous platforms, some of which work on solar energy. An element of the Smart City system in Odessa is the Precious Plastic Odessa organization, which has "rethought" plastic exits and partially solves the problem of their recycling. The considered online platforms solve the problems of establishing feedback and interaction of citizens with local authorities. Important questions and tasks are car- ried out on the platforms Socially active citizen, Smart City, Electronic city. All these technologies ensure a high quality of life for citizens, safe, ecological and economic functioning of all branches of the city’s activities. It was established that the concept of Smart City combines the introduction of innovative technologies into the municipal and transport infrastructure of the city, thereby signifi- cantly increasing their efficiency, and also creates transparent relations between the city government, business structures and the public.
JEL: O31, Q42, R22, R49.
Keywords: Smart City; automation; video surveillance; IoT; modernization; lighting.
Citation: Citation: Larysa Ivashko, Mariia Filatova, Nataliia Shkurateniuk, Kateryna Petrenko, Emiliia Tashchy, Anastasiia Bogachova (2022) Implementation of Smart City Technologies in Odessa. – Applied Business: Issues & Solutions 2(2022)18–24 – ISSN 2783-6967.

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