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Type: Article
Title: The Role of Communication for Strategic Management in 21st Century PDF Article
Author: Audrius Dabrovolskas
On-line: 31-August-2022
Metrics: Applied Business: Issues & Solutions 1(2022)17-21 – ISSN 2783-6967.
DOI: 10.57005/ab.2022.1.3
Abstract. 21st century is heavily influenced by rapid development of digital technologies and the volumes of information. This brings challenges to organizations striving to acquire better position in the global marketplaces. One of the challenges is how to bring innovations in this fiercely competitive global environment that would lead companies to achieve their strategic objectives. The article implies that all employees must be involved in maintaining internal and external communication, which has to be strategically oriented. It means that communication planning and performance should be integrated in the companyaffilations business strategy and executed in all levels of management since it affects the image of an organization.
JEL: M20, M21, M29.
Keywords: internal and external communication; strategic communication; strategic management; organizations.
Citation: Audrius Dabrovolskas (2022) The Role of Communication for Strategic Management in 21st Century. – Applied Business: Issues & Solutions 1(2022)17–21 – ISSN 2783-6967.

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