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Type: Article
Title: The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment in the High-Tech Sector Economy PDF Article
Author: Olga Nosova
On-line: 31-August-2022
Metrics: Applied Business: Issues & Solutions 1(2022)3–9 – ISSN 2783-6967.
DOI: 10.57005/ab.2022.1.1
Abstract. The article is aimed at studying the impact of FDI on the development of the high-tech sector of the economy. R\D effects are analyzed through the location of branches of foreign enter- prises. The positive and negative technological spillover effects and FDI inflow consequences are considered. Foreign investment is assessed as a factor of economic development, modern-ization, income, and employment growth. The radical innovations' implementation by the innovative TNCs have been highlighted. The assessment of the success of the most innova- tive companies confirms the usage of artificial intelligence, platforms, and ecosystems.
JEL: M20, M21, M29.
Keywords: high-tech sector; innovations; transnational corporation; foreign direct investment.
Citation: Olga Nosova (2022) The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment in the High-Tech Sector Economy. – Applied Business: Issues & Solutions 1(2022)3–9 – ISSN 2783-6967.

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